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From author Carolyn M. Osborne
“Bed & Breakfast owners and guests are often very interested in history. I am a local author (I live in Madison VA) and am working on A Good Place, a historical novel set in Elizabeth Citties — now Hampton —  in Virginia during early colonial times. It’s the story of a documented settler, his family, and his (indentured) servants. The story extends from 1621 to about 1660 and is primarily set on the shore of the James River, about 20 miles below Jamestown and initially surrounded by wilderness. 
I’m in the process of sending out my newsletter, Thoughts on History I started Thoughts as a venue where I could highlight interesting historical tidbits that turn up in the course of my research. Thoughts gives a field of play to at least a few of those intriguing little items that I ‘m unable to integrate into my books. The issue I’m currently sending out, which is Halloween-focused, tells the old Irish story of Stingy Jack, looks at the word “goosebumps” and offers a brief view of Katherine Powell, one of the historical characters from A Good Place. In this segment, Katherine, who grew up in a town in England, is struggling to deal with All Hallows Eve anxieties in the intimidating wilderness of 1620s Virginia.

My books and stories are researched and realistic but are not graphic about either sex or violence and although some of my characters are religious, the stories have no religious focus. They’re personalized views of actual people living in historically interesting circumstances. If there’s an overriding message, it’s that life is fascinating but sometimes dangerous, occasionally funny, and usually complicated, and we’re all in it together — whether we want to be or not. “

The Collins House Inn will be posting the quarterly newsletters from Ms.Osborne for some interesting reading.  Enjoy this quarters “Thoughts on History  Autumn 2017”
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