The Dragon Comes Alive

For all that rode the Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally in Marion here is your opportunity to join the celebration June 13-15th and experience the Dragon Roar in Tazewell VA. The Collins House Inn Bed & Breakfast in Marion Va has plenty of lodging open for this event. Ride the Back of the Dragon and stay at Collins House Inn B & B. as a provider of Dragon Friendly Housing reminds everyone that. Check out the Back of the Dragon website at for further details. Join the awaking and be part of the Dragon festivities  2014. Dragon Friendly Housing is available at the Collins House Inn by calling (276) 781-0250 or go to our website at When you get to Marion stop at Cornett Jewelers 124 East Main St and look at the BOD Pendant they have created to commemorate the experience of riding the Dragon. Dragon Friendly Lodging…Dragon Friendly BOD Jewelery by Cornett Jewelers and try the Herb House in Marion for a refreshing ice cream to make the ride enjoyable it doesn’t get any better than this for June 2014. Call us now and secure your lodging (276) 781-0250.



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