Leaf Peeping in Virginia

Welcome to the Fall Foliage Report from the Virginia Department of Forestry. Here’s our first report for the week of September 10.

Have you noticed some early signs of fall in Virginia’s woods? Maybe you’ve seen a roadside black gum that’s already blazing red, or your favorite yellow-poplar’s leaves are turning brown and curly. When will the “peak season” for fall foliage happen this year?

In general, the best fall color happens between October 10-20 in the mountains, October 15-25 in central Virginia and October 20-31 in eastern Virginia.These dates are based on long-term climate trends and may vary from year to year. Much of Virginia has been low on late summer rainfall in 2019. When this happens, you can expect some trees to shut down photosynthesis early. Drought can also lead to a shorter fall foliage season. Regional differences abound though, so there are always some areas with good color. Get outside and look for them! And while you’re out there, take time to appreciate the colors of goldenrod, asters, tickseeds and thoroughworts. These hearty wildflowers usually put on a great show no matter what the weather. Remember, no matter how brilliant the reds or how long-lasting the golds, fall in Virginia is always beautiful!

“This report courtesy of “Virginia Department of Forestry””

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