Leaf Peeping ! A Great Reason to plan your next visit NOW to Marion VA

Weekly Fall Foliage Report (courtesy of VA Dept of Forestry)

Welcome to the Fall Foliage Report from the Virginia Department of Forestry. Here’s our report for the weekend of September 28.

Throughout the state, you may have noticed that the usual dark green of our forests has begun to fade to a yellower shade of green. Some of this change is due to drought and some to the season. Longer and cooler nights trigger changes in the pigments that give leaves their color.

Nature’s big wardrobe change has begun in western and higher-elevation areas and will progress eastward and downslope in the coming weeks. You’ll spot some of the early changers like black gum, dogwood and sumacs flashing shades of red along forest edges. The trees that tend to turn yellow early in the season usually drop their leaves quickly. These include yellow-poplar and black walnut. In general, the species that turn brighter yellow to rich gold will change next, followed by the trees that tend to turn orange and red.

While the woods may still be green, take time to enjoy the fall wildflowers blooming along Virginia’s roadsides. You’ll see lots of yellow from goldenrod, wingstem and tickseed, and white from thoroughworts. These are complemented by occasional splashes of purple from ironweed, asters and mistflower.Leaf Peeping.

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