Holiday Traveling & Choosing the Right Lodging Requirement for the Holidays

I’ve posted this article on several occasions. It’s worth the read to consider your alternatives when you travel this Holiday Season. A Bed & Breakfast offers you the suitable alternative to typical Hotel Lodging. 

Why do Customers choose a hotel?
   Why Guests choose a Bed & Breakfast?

The service at a Bed & Breakfast goes way beyond just providing you with comfortable lodging for a trip. The main difference between a Bed & Breakfast and a Hotel is that the owners of a Bed&Breakfast see their patrons as guests, while Hotels may see their patrons as customers. For a hotel, the customer is in reality JUST the bottom line on a piece of paper looked at each day. At a bed and breakfast, the guest is a human being.

Our guests are here because they want a more personal experience. They want to feel as though they are at home, but with staff. They want to feel as though they are being catered to, and they want a personal touch.

At a hotel, the customer is usually given a key and told how to get to the room in which they will stay. In our bed and breakfast, the guests are escorted to the room in which they stay, given a brief tour, and then handed the key.

At a hotel, the customer will stay in a room virtually identical to every other room in the building. In a bed and breakfast, the guests are welcomed to a personal, unique space like no other in the building.

At a hotel, the customer usually has to pay for breakfast. This could be room service; this could be going down to a lobby or restaurant or some other sort of eating area. This meal is usually not included, and if it is, it is a “continental” breakfast. This is the same as putting the word “gourmet” in from of a hotdog. It’s just cereal or muffins that are double the price. At a bed and breakfast, the guests are invited down to a quiet table and served a variety of fruits, eggs, muffins, etc. made by the innkeeper or the innkeepers staff.

The main reason why a person or couple goes to a bed and breakfast is for relaxation. They may be in town for a conference, to visit friends or family, to explore a town or to just have a quiet weekend away somewhere that is not the home in which they live. Although a customer at a hotel may be there for the exact same reasons, the reason they choose differently in accommodations is for the environment in which they want to stay.

Welcome Home to the Collins House Inn where you come to the Inn as a Guest but you leave as a Friend.

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