Friday Night Dinners At The Collins House Inn

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Beginning April 4, The Collins House Inn is pleased to announce they will begin serving dinners on Friday nights. The dinners will be catered by Four Seasons Restaurant & Bakery, and dinner will be served at 6:30 pm. Dinner will be offered to guests staying at The Inn and to area and town residents. The menu will vary from week to week and will be value priced. The menu will be posted Monday morning and will be found on the following Facebook pages:
• Marion Downtown
• Smyth County Chamber of Commerce
• WOLD radio
• Four Seasons Restaurant & Bakery
• The Collins House Inn Blog & Facebook

The Menu for April 4: Italian Night

Come join us for the Italian Sampler:
• Manicotti—Lasagna—Alfredo
• Fresh Garden Salad
• Herbed Italian Bread
• And for dessert: Italian Crème Cake

Cost: $19.95 per person …gratuities not included. Please reserve by 5pm prior to dinner night.

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