Fishing in Yellowstone

The Place                   Camp Buffalo Bill, Cody Wyoming
                                    General information:     
 Contact       Glen Penquite, Fishing Director, Camp Buffalo Bill
                                    Phone  937-212-2447
The Costs                      $600 per week
Weeks can run from      08/03-08/10 or08/04-08/11
                                    08/10-08/17 or 08/11-08/18
The cost includes         
      Shuttle to and from Cody/Yellowstone Airport
      Accommodations in a Scout Cabin
      Daily shuttle service to and from prime trout fishing in the area
Fishing License            Statewide Fish and Fishing License
Category License Type Price
Nonresident Annual
Nonresident Daily
Nonresident Youth Annual
Nonresident Five (5) Day


Yellowstone National Park Fishing Permits

  • Anglers 16 years of age or older must be in possession of a valid Yellowstone National Park fishing permit to fish in the park. State fishing licenses are not valid and aren’t required.
    • Three-day permit: $18
    • Seven-day permit: $25
    • Season-long permit: $40
  • Fishing permits may be purchased at numerous locations in and around the park, including area fly shops, park visitor centers, backcountry offices, and Yellowstone General Stores.
  • Park rangers may check permits and inspect tackle, fish, creels, or other containers where fish or tackle may be stored.
  • Anglers 15 years of age or younger have two options:
  1. Children 15 or younger may fish without a permit if they are fishing under the direct supervision of an adult who has a valid park fishing permit.
  2. Children 15 or younger may obtain a free permit that must be signed by a responsible adult. With this permit, a child can fish without direct adult supervision.

With either option, the accompanying adult is responsible for the child’s actions and must ensure the child complies with all fishing regulations and provisions.


Fishing Regulations:      Statewide Wyoming



                                    Yellowstone National Park



                                    “Special Notes”

                                    Felt-soled Footgear Prohibited

To reduce the potential for introduction or spread of aquatic invasive species, footgear with absorbent felt or other fibrous material on the soles are prohibited while fishing in Yellowstone.

Tackle, Lure & Hook Restrictions

  • Each angler may use only one rod which must be attended at all times and used for angling only—intentional snagging of fish is not allowed.
  • Only lead-free artificial lures (e.g. spoon or spinner) or flies may be used. Leaded fishing tackle such as leaded split-shot sinkers, weighted jigs (lead molded to a hook), and soft lead-weighted ribbon for nymph fishing are not allowed.
  • Hooks must have points that are barbless, or the barbs must be pinched down by pliers. Lures may have only one hook with a single, double, or treble configuration. A single pointed hook is the best choice for fishing in Yellowstone. Treble hooks (3 points) can severely injure fish and are often constructed with toxic lead solder.
  • Each fly may have only one hook. Up to two flies may be used on a single leader (commonly referred to as “dropper,” “dry and dropper,” or “hopper and dropper”).
  • Except for feathers and other typical fly-tying materials, the hook must be bare. No organic or inorganic baits are allowed. Organic baitsinclude fish or fish parts, minnows, salmon eggs, worms, insects, or foodstuffs such as bread and corn. Inorganic baitsinclude rubber worms and plastic “twister” tails.
  • Scented attractants (liquid and solid baits) are illegal. Putting any substance in the water for the purpose of attracting fish (chumming) is illegal.

Required Personal Items:       Sleeping Bag

                                                Shower Towels

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